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Office Cleaning in Essex

Welcome to Crystal Clear Hygiene, your leading professional for office cleaning in Essex.We provide premium office cleaning in Essex to a range of clients, 5-7 days a week. So, if you’re looking for ‘cleaning services near me’ we’re the answer. We have over 20+ years of expertise in office cleaning in Essex. What’s more, our skilled and dedicated team and competitive prices make us a top cleaning company in Essex. If you need office cleaning in Essex, contact us today for a competitive quote!

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    Crystal Clear Hygiene LTD

    What is included in office cleaning?

    We understand the importance of a clean and sanitary office where your business is concerned. This is why we are committed to delivering office cleaning in Essex suited to all your business needs. You can rest assured that we don’t cut corners, we clean them. What’s more, we’re dedicated to offering extras that our competitors don’t, and always go above and beyond for our clients. From deep cleaning and carpet cleaning to full disinfection or sanitisation, we can do it all.

    Our office cleaning in Essex includes…

    • Large area cleans.
    • Walls and ceilings.
    • Specialist carpet cleaning and floor maintenance.
    • Deep cleaning of upholstery including soft furnishings and chairs.
    • Sanitisation of all desks, phones and doors.
    • Cleaning and disinfection of all glass partitions, lifts and stair rails.
    • Shelving and storage areas.
    • Windows and doors.
    • Exterior cleaning.
    • Toilets and restrooms.
    • Cafeterias, staff rooms and kitchens.
    • And much more.

    If you need office cleaning in Essex, our team of highly skilled, fully insured, and accredited cleaners will confidently get the job done. Get in touch with us today for an office cleaning in Essex quote!

    Call Us For A Free Quote 01245 697712

    What are the benefits of office cleaning?

    With 20+ years of experience in office cleaning in Essex, we’ve seen the benefits first-hand. Here’s why professional office cleaning in Essex is so popular…


    We stand by the fact that a clean office is a productive office. With an organised, clean and tidy environment, your staff will feel cared for and motivated. They will also be able to easily locate everything they need to do their job successfully.


    Offices can get dirty and dusty quickly, therefore office cleaning in Essex is essential to keep everything in good working order. Without it, you could face damaged electrical equipment with poor or slowed function.

    Health & Safety

    All our office cleans in Essex are completed by professional staff who are fully trained in health and safety. We understand the importance of Health and Safety regulations in office environments. Compliance with regulations supports a safe and risk-free environment.


    Without office cleaning in Essex, your office could be rife with health and safety hazards, fire hazards and more. Keep your staff and guests protected against spills, trips, falls, fire hazards and more.

    Crystal Clear Hygiene LTD

    Office Cleaning in Essex – FAQs

    How much does office cleaning in Essex cost?

    The cost of office cleaning in Essex will vary depending on your requirements. We check our competitors’ prices monthly, making sure we offer you the best price. We recommend getting in touch with us for a quote.

    How long does it take to clean an office?

    The time that office cleaning in Essex takes depends on several factors including office size and condition. Speak to us today for more information.

    Do you provide daily office cleaning in Essex?

    Yes – we offer daily office cleaning in Essex(Mon-Fri).

    Do you provide cleaning management services?

    Yes – we manage all our cleaners and products. This means you can spend more time on your business without having to worry about your cleaning standards.

    Do you provide carpet cleaning?

    Yes, we do – we provide all office carpet cleaning facilities.

    Do you provide cleaning services nationwide in the UK?

    Yes, we do – we cover all areas in the UK. Our services are available throughout Essex, London, Northampton, Leeds, Manchester and across the UK. For quality commercial cleaning, we are here to help.

    Do you use eco-friendly products for office cleaning in Essex?

    We’re always seeking new ways to increase the quality of the service of our office cleaning in Essex. We use eco-friendly products so you can enjoy a sparkling clean office that won’t come at a cost to the planet.

    Call Us For A Free Quote 01245 697712

    Why choose us for your office cleaning in Chelmsford?

    Experienced Cleaners

    All our friendly and approachable cleaning staff are health and safety trained, fully insured and have accredited cleaning standards in commercial cleaning.

    Range of Services

    We offer window cleaning in Essex and commercial cleaning services for offices, schools, retail, hospitality, as well as the beauty, fitness and healthcare sectors.

    High-Quality Standards

    We are an accredited SAFE contractor and a proud member of BICS, The British Institute of Cleaning Science. This allows us to further improve our cleaning standards and we are also a proud member of Altius.

    If you’re looking for competitively priced office cleaning in Chelmsford, you’ve found the answer with us. Get in touch with us today for a quote.